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Weed Control and Fertilization in Greenwood SC

The best lawns are those that have a uniform appearance and are the correct shade of green. To achieve this look, grass needs to have weeds controlled and to be fertilized properly. Our service is a 7-Step program starting at $60 per application.

Weed Control

Proper weed control requires identification of the weed, applying control during the appropriate life cycle and using integrated pest management. There are two main types of weeds, broadleaf and grassy, and each further breaks down into annual and perennial weeds. 

The best control for annual weeds is a pre-emergent applied in the Fall and late Winter. This prevents the weeds from germinating and thus you never see them in your grass. Perennial weeds are a little different, often needing repeat control each year. The best control overall is a nice thick lawn that prevents weeds from having space to grow.


We are trained and licensed professionals, able to determine what weeds are present and apply the appropriate control.  


Proper fertility in a lawn is crucial to its overall health and well-being. This means that the proper fertilizer should be applied at the correct rate at the right time. The products at your big box stores such as Lowe's and Home Depot rarely are correctly formulated properly.

How do we provide the best lawn fertilization program possible? We take a soil sample and send off for testing. Using the results from the soil test, we partner with our fertilizer company and former golf course superintendent to create a custom tailored program for your lawn.