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Lawn Care in Greenwood SC

Our lawn maintenance program is available for commercial, residential and government customers in Greenwood and Abbeville SC. We strive to be the best lawn maintenance company in the area. We take our time to ensure the grass is cut evenly, there is a defined edge between the grass and hard surfaces or landscaped beds, weedeat around areas the mowers cannot get to and blow off hard surfaces. These steps are completed and recorded on each visit, see below for more details and options.

Bagged or Mulched

While we do not typically offer to bag grass clippings, this service is available as a premium add-on. We use mulching blades that cut up the grass clippings very well and deposit them into the canopy of the grass. Studies have shown that grass cycling, returning clippings to the lawn, can reduce the amount of fertilizer necessary by up to 25%. 

Rotary or Reel

Our primary mowers cut grass using rotary blades. These are your what you seem on the majority of mowers. Rotary mowers work really well for most applications. If you want a premier lawn similar to a baseball field or golf course, we also offer reel mowing. The cut from reel mowing is superior in all ways to rotary. This service is priced as a premium compared to rotary mowing.